Alkaione Smart Premium VII


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The Alkaione Smart Premium VII reigns supreme as the ultimate antioxidant machine, equipped with an impressive array of seven platinum-dipped titanium plates. This extraordinary setup not only elevates water ionization but also significantly amplifies its capacity for generating powerful antioxidants

Experience the pinnacle of antioxidant-rich water with the Alkaione Smart Premium VII, the undisputed champion of well-being. This extraordinary machine reigns supreme with its impressive array of seven 99.99% platinum-dipped titanium plates, not only elevating water ionization but also dramatically amplifying its antioxidant production.

Indulge in Luxury & Unparalleled Benefits:

  • Unmatched 7x Power: Witness unprecedented antioxidant potential thanks to the innovative 7-plate technology, leaving competitors far behind.
  • Personalized Wellness: Tailor your health journey with precise pH control (alkaline or acidic) for targeted benefits, from digestion to beauty.
  • Purity Defined: Multi-stage filtration eliminates impurities, delivering exquisitely pure and delicious water that redefines hydration.
  • Effortless Luxury: Enjoy fully automatic operation, intuitive voice control, and automatic cleaning for the ultimate in convenience.
  • Built for Excellence: High-quality MS steel construction and a 5-year warranty ensure lasting performance and peace of mind.

Additional Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 30(W) x 38(H) x 16(H) cm
  • Weight: 8.5 Kg
  • Rated Voltage: 220 V
  • ORP Range: Up to -600
  • Production Capacity: 40 Liters/Hour
  • Inbuilt Motor: Yes
  • Audio Input: English Notifications, Music



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