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Welcome to the world of the best Alkaline water ionizer, where health and hydration meet cutting edge technology. We are passionate about revolutionizing the way you experience water, and we invite you to join the extraordinary journey towards optimal well-being.

At M4T Electronics Private Limited, we believe that water is the essence of life. It nourishes us, rejuvenates us, and fuels our vitality. That's why we have dedicated ourselves to creating the finest alkaline water ionizers on the market, providing you with the power to unlock the potential of every drop you drink. With our innovative Kangen technology and the advanced features of Alkaione, we ensure that every sip you take is a step towards better health and vitality.

What is Alkaline Water

Your Guide to Understanding and Enjoying Alkaline Water

The pH scale, which goes from 0 (very acidic) to 14 (very alkaline), is used to determine how acidic or alkaline water is. The neutral pH of ordinary drinking water is usually 7. The pH of alkaline water, on the other hand, is often higher, between 8 and 10. The minerals calcium and magnesium that are dissolved in the water are what give the pH level its greater value. Our cutting-edge Kangen technology combined with the sophisticated features of Alkaione guarantees that the alkaline water generated not only satisfies these pH requirements but also offers further health advantages linked to the use of ionised water.


 Pure. Powerful. Your path to better health.

Enhanced Cellular Function

Increased Energy Levels

Digestive Health

Cardiovascular Support

Immune System Boost

Brain Health

Invest in Yourself with Alkaione

More than Water, More Than a Product: It's an Investment in You.

Beyond just a product, Alkaione is your partner in well-being. Committed to your health, we lead the alkaline water movement, making its transformative benefits accessible to everyone. Experience exceptional quality - from meticulously designed ionizers to unparalleled customer service. Invest in your health, invest in Alkaione, and embark on a journey of exceptional living.


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Alkaione Alkaline Water Ionizers

Alkaione premium VII (Alkaline water Ionizer)/alkaione.com

Alkaione Smart Premium VII

Rs. 1,60,00 /-
  • Powerful Antioxidant water
  • 7 Platinum Plates
  • Preset 5 pH Levels
Alkaione smart+ V (Alkaline water Ionizer)/alkaione.com

Alkaione Smart+ V

Rs. 1,35,000 /-
  • Powerful Antioxidant water
  • 5 Platinum Plates
  • Preset 5 pH Levels
Alkaione essential pro VII (Alkaline water Ionizer)/alkaione.com

Alkaione Essential Pro VII

Rs. 1,15,000 /-
  • Powerful Antioxidant water
  • 7 Platinum Plates
  • Preset 5 pH Levels
Alkaione essential+ V (Alkaline water Ionizer)/alkaione.com

Alkaione Essential+ V

Rs. 95,000 /-
  • Powerful Antioxidant water
  • 5 Platinum Plates
  • Preset 5 pH Levels

Alkaione's water ionizer not only delivers outstanding results but also comes with top-notch service that has built my trust


I like the taste of water and it really helps in many ways. Their service team is very proactive. it's a 5-star investment in my well-being

Ashok Reddy

I had severe acidity issues before and i am drinking since last 3 months, i don't any acidity issues and also get very good sleep


This has truly transformed my family's health journey. Their service is fantastic. I recommend to all friends and family members

Yadagiri Jeripeta

This product and their team is very good. I like this product and it helps with nice soft taste and good health benefits.


I already had planned for other costly brand, but after seeing this, my wife liked a lot. My creatine levels were high before and now its normal range.


Our Recent work.

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