Featuring an impressive array of five platinum-dipped titanium plates, this extraordinary machine reigns as the pinnacle of antioxidant power. It not only enhances water ionization but also significantly boosts its ability to produce potent antioxidants

Powerful Antioxidant water

Antioxidants are like protective superheroes for our cells and tissues, defending them from the harmful effects of stress. The Alkaione Essential+ V is like a superhero machine that makes antioxidants continuously, taking care of all your home needs.

5 Platinum Plates

With the inclusion of an extra platinum-coated titanium plate, this ionizer achieves enhanced water ionization, amplifies antioxidant production, and maintains stable pH and ORP levels even at higher flow rates. The Essential+ V is an excellent choice for both small businesses and families alike

Preset 5 pH Levels

Experience the convenience of accessing five distinct pH levels of water from a single, pre-set source, all at the touch of a button. Whether you're looking for alkaline water to promote health and well-being, acidic water for cleaning purposes, or a neutral pH for everyday hydration, our system provides it all effortlessly.

Display Notifications

Our intuitive display provides you with real-time insights into your water's alkaline or acidic pH and ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) levels allowing you to select the precise pH level you desire for drinking, cooking, or cleaning.

Technical Specifications

Model Name - Alkaione Essential+ V
30(W )x 38(H)x 16(H) cm
4 Kg
Body Type
MS Steel
Number of Plates
7 Plates
Plate Material
Platinum Titanium
Rated Voltage
220 v
Types of Water
4 Alkaline & 1 Acidic
ORP Range
Upto -500
Platinum Density
0.5 Micron, 0.5 mm Plate
Plate Size
100 X 50 mm
Ease of Use
Semi Automatic
LCD Display
Feather Touch
Production Capacity
40 Liters / Hour
Life of the Platinum Plates
~ 25 Years
2 Years